Kami’s Testimonial

Emily has really enjoyed her years with Holly. Wonderful recital – well organized, themed, decorated and great routines. I really appreciate that the costumes were age appropriate and the tips you gave with regard to hair and makeup.

I recently saw a 4 year old girl I know and they were all required to have heavy makeup, bright red lips and matching hair pieces. I realize that this will happen down the road in dance, but i really appreciate that you let these little girls be little – and focus on their dancing instead.

Can’t thank you enough for how positive this has been! Best, Kami.

Mary’s Testimonial

My husband and I wish to commend you and the teachers on having the best orchestrated Dance Recitals we have ever attended….. and thank you sincerely for instilling a true love of dance in the heart (actually the entire body) of our little Lucy. She adores her dance experience and as proud grandparents, we are delighted to see her passion and skill grow over these past couple of years. It’s been our honor to support her in this activity.

You deliver a lifelong gift to these children. Thanks! Mary P.

Robin’s Testimonial

Thank you for the amazing recital. It was spectacular, in every sense of the word! Robin W.

Julie’s Testimonial

I wanted to let you know that we absolutely love your program and the opportunities it gives us as working parents to still enable our children to have the arts as an emphasis within their school curriculum!

Thank you again for offering this program and the joy you and your staff brought our little girls over the last couple of years! Best regards, Julie B.

Jill’s Testimonial

We have loved Peyton being part of Dance Connection. We attended a recital by a well known Ballet Academy that our friend’s daughter goes to. They pay so much more and i felt did not learn half of what Peyton has learned from Ms Brigitte. Peyton also has attended a dance camp that a local Performing Arts Center did this summer and i felt the same. We will truly miss Dance Connection..  Jill C.

Maire’s Testimonial

Camille has had a wonderful time in dance and we have enjoyed watching her blossom! Thank you for putting on such a wonderful and convenient program! Thank you, Maire

Melissa’s Testimonial

Thank you for all the work you do – the service you offer is wonderful.  If it were not for Dance Connection I am not sure we would have the time to have Ella in Dance and that would be such a shame because she does truly enjoy it!! Thank you!! Melissa B.

Jamie’s Testimonial

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing performance that we came to see on Saturday. My two kiddos were extremely proud of themselves for their recital participation. I also wanted to say that I was impressed by your staff and the entirety of the facility that hosted this event. Everyone that came to see the performance couldn’t believe how well it flowed, how prepared everyone was, how helpful/professional all the staff members were, and with the general outcome of the event. My children were beaming with pride after their recital. As a parent, it brings tears to my eyes to see them that happy and confident about all the hard work they put into their dance class this year.

Thank you to all that were involved in helping mold these children to have self-confidence, self-awareness, love of the arts, confidence, positive attitudes and much, much more. What a FUN and EXCITING day it was on Saturday! With LOTS of gratitude, Jamie G.

Becky’s Testimonial

Thank you for having such an amazing program readily available. Kenna enjoys dance so much and you helped her embrace that with confidence. Your program is outstanding and your teachers are a gift.

Again, thank you for an amazing few years.

Afton’s Testimonial

My daughter Hannah has loved your dance program. Thank you so much for teaching her dance skills and helping her to be a more confident learner, team player, and person. Your program is truly outstanding.